I am a bilingual (English/Spanish) professional entrepreneur with a solid business and communication technology (audio, video, voice, videoconference, web and mobile based technologies) background. I have experience in starting businesses, operations improvement, marketing, and sales in organizations that put customers first. Throughout my years I have gained an in-depth understanding of the U.S. Hispanic & Latin America markets—with an emphasis in Peru.

I enjoy being challenged. I co-founded a first-to-market company that operated an adventure shop in a remote national park at 17,000ft. in the Peruvian Andes were we rented sleds and snow gear to locals and visiting tourists.

I set high goals; I left my comfort zone (Lima, Peru) eleven years ago to move to the U.S. —not knowing the language or culture— with three goals in mind: To learn English, get into graduate school and keep evolving with this passion of mine—technology.

I excel working for customer-centric organizations that I admire and trust. I find inspiration in the simple things found around me. I am grateful for having had the opportunity to experience life before the digital revolution but more so, for witnessing –and enjoying— the digital age to the present.


  Mobile Certified Marketer Certificado en Marketing Movil