QR Codes = Value for Customers

QR codes or two-dimensional codes in general, have been around us for years. But just recently —thanks to smart-phones— they are bringing brand messaging in a more interactive and enjoyable way to build brand loyalty and capture new business.

Mobile marketers are now creating codes with more creative designs. However, this is not enough to engaged a reader’s attention. Now, they need to create more compelling calls to action with added value for potential customers.

Last week, I went to a Home Depot to buy some vegetables seeds. While I was there (perfect time and place) I saw a code ad from a company called Bonnie Plants. I grabbed my phone and started to scan it  everywhere I could.

When I scanned the code into my phone, I got prompted into a mobile-optimized site. It did exactly what the call to action on the board said it would do. It also had an option to experienced it in Spanish. That’s what I call added value!


Then I saw a perennial Columbine plant with a QR code that I thought would only contain general information.

I was wrong. The QR code took me into a mobile-optimized site with information about that particular plant.

The trend in QR usage is growing. A recent study made by the mobile marketing company Nellymoser, mentioned  “A record 4468 mobile action codes, which we broadly define to include all 2D barcodes, QR codes, Microsoft Tags, and watermarks, were printed in the top 100 U.S. magazines in 2011.” I predict that this trend is going to continue to grow.

The novelty factor, the increase of social media platforms, the potential for print advertisements to connect the real world with the virtual one (using compelling print-to-mobile and print-to-social campaigns) is fantastic. The  great experience I have had using QR codes myself, makes me believe that this technology will continue to bring more opportunity for brands to gain new customers in the future.